Blogger/Blogspot Verification on Brave Rewards [Beginners Tutorial]

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by. In this article, we’ll try to answer a question most new Brave Rewards publishers/creators might ask. “How to verify a blog hosted on Blogger/Blogspot for Brave Rewards?”

Before we answer this, I would like to elaborate that there a two “cases” of blogs hosted on Google’s Blogger platform. The first one uses a subdomain (ex. and the second uses a custom domain (ex.

How to Verify Blogger/Blogspot on Brave Rewards

Let’s take a look at the options for website channel verification on Brave Rewards. For now, there are two options, but surely there are more to come as the developers promised.

  1. Brave Payments Verification plugin for websites built with WordPress.
  2. DNS Verification by adding a TXT record

If you are using a free blogspot subdomain for your blog, unfortunately at this point of time there is no such way to verify your blog on Brave Rewards. This is because you have no access to the DNS records of your subdomain and you can’t use a WP plugin on Blogger.

However, you can purchase a custom domain for your blog where you will have access to the DNS Records of your domain. You will then be able to add TXT record to verify your website.

How to use a custom domain on your Blogger website?

I’ll update this later.

How to Add TXT record on your domain DNS?

To be updated.

Stay tuned and I’ll update this post when the Brave Team offers a way to verify blogger/blogspot subdomain on Brave Rewards Publisher program.

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